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We offer Professional Pilot Car services for all aspects of the Oversized Transportation Industry across Canada and the United States. We have been established since 1987. Over the past 22 years we have witnessed many changes in the Oversize business. Many of them increasing the need for professional pilot cars versus the "Old Days" of just placing a person in the car and having them follow behind.

Safety is our number one priority in this profession and encompasses many facets. Safety to the load and the trucking company's equipment and personnel, as well as the safety of the general motoring public along with the safety of the infrastructure along the travelled route. All of which are a major concern and utmost priority to our company. As we are all aware Oversize Freight is usually high dollar but it still does not exceed or come close to the value of one human life in the event of an accident.

Visibility is of the utmost importance in this business and for that reason we only use late model pickup trucks for the extra height with lots of lighting including eye level perimeter lighting to be well seen. All our lighting equipment is of the same quality and is made by the same companies that supply lighting to all emergency service groups, Police, Fire and EMS.

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Our Mission Statement

To Safely and Professionally assist in the movement of Oversize Loads from Point A to Point B in a timely manner utilizing the values of Teamwork with all involved. Thereby resulting in repeat business and referrals to other companies. (I.E. If the trucking company looks good we look good)